A fresh look at jazzing up your online banking experience

Hello and welcome to the Moneythor Blog.

Moneythor is a financial technology company operating an online personal finance service and developing banking software components designed to help consumers monitor and improve their financial performance straight into their banks’ existing online services.

From our base in Singapore, we have set a mission for ourselves to make these services more relevant, more personal and to wipe out the myth that you cannot get great financial advice when you visit your banker.

You have come to the place where the team composed of banking software veterans (with the grey hair and beard to prove it) will share details about our journey to improve online financial services. We will cover company announcements and product news as well as thoughts and the occasional rant about our favourite topics including a mix of online banking, personal finance and technology.

You can stay in touch by bookmarking this site, subscribing to our RSS feed and by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+. We would love getting your feedback on Moneythor and on this blog so please feel free to drop us a comment below or via the channel of your choice. We are looking forward to the rich discussions ahead.

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